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Transform Lives with
Jāmia Masjid Kanz ul Huda

Invest in Eternity, Inspire and Uplift the Muslim Community

Join Kanz ul Huda in realising our vision of reviving and representing the true essence of Islam through global institutes. Our Adderley Road Jāmia Masjid is the first step in this initiative. Support us today and help shape the future of Muslim generations while fulfilling your Fardh (obligation) to contribute to the Ummah.

The Prophetصلى الله عليه وسلمsaid, “Whoever builds a Masjid for (the sake of) Allah, then Allah will build a
similar house for him in Paradise."

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Build a Legacy: Faith, Education, and Community

We strive to provide world-class Islamic education alongside contemporary sciences, expanding our successful developmental programs to make a lasting positive impact worldwide. Our Jāmia Masjid will offer sports and recreational amenities, Islamic heritage and cultural facilities, and an inclusive approach that encourages everyone to get involved.

Invest in Kanz ul Huda Jāmia Masjid, Reap Rewards in Jannah

Kanz ul Huda's Mission Statement

With Imān (faith), Ikhlās (sincerity), 'Ilm (knowledge), Amal (implementation), Da'wah (invitation), and Khidmah tul Khalq (service to Allah's creation), we aim to help ourselves and humanity achieve the Mahabbah (love) and Ma'rifah (spiritual closeness) of Almighty Allah and Sayyidunā RasūlAllāh ﷺ, Insha'Allāh.

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With Imān (faith), Ikhlās (sincerity), 'Ilm (knowledge), Amal (implementation), Da'wah (invitation) and Khidmah tul Khalq (service to the creation of Almighty Allāh), we will help ourselves and all of humanity to achieve the Mahabbah (love) and Ma'rifah (spiritual closeness) of Almighty Allāh and Sayyidunā RasūlAllāh ﷺ, Insha'Allāh.

Da’wah & Revert Hub

Inspire Change: Inviting Towards Truth and Education

Our Da’wah initiative has brought many Muslims closer to Islam, inspiring them to become productive and practising members of society. Through focused speeches designed and delivered to inspire change, based on the Qur'an and Sunnah, our Crime Reduction initiative has achieved remarkable results, engaging youth at the weekly Ihya gatherings and providing support for a more involved community. Our tailored Dawah programmes have been the means of many accepting Islam, the revert hub will be a sanctuary and hub for guidance and empowerment.

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Educational Impact

Enlighten Minds: Nurturing Scholars for Today and Tomorrow

Our educational courses have enabled thousands worldwide to benefit from Islamic knowledge in subjects like Fiqh, Aqīda, Tajweed, Tarbiyyah, and Tasawwuf, alongside secular disciplines like philosophy, psychology and world history. Our traditional scholar course produces well-rounded Islamic scholars equipped to address modern challenges and serve their communities.

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A Sanctuary for All: Serving the Destitute, Heritage, and Guidance

Featuring large prayer halls, outreach programs, soup kitchen, a library, crèche, and education facilities, the Jāmia Masjid serves the diverse needs of the Muslim community. We aim to expand out already successful developmental programmes to facilitate more people to make a lasting positive social impact. In areas where atheism, misguidance, crime, substance abuse, and indecency were once prevalent, Kanz ul Huda has become a beacon of hope and a catalyst for positive change.

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